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The maps below show the net change in total, taxi, and Uber pickups from April-June to April-June Zones marked in blue experienced a net decrease in pickups, while red zones saw a net increase.

Both taxis and Ubers increased their pickups in Brooklyn and Queens, particularly in gentrifying areas; the services are supplementing each other in these neighborhoods. Uber also gained in Staten Island and the Bronx, while taxi pickups were flat in those boroughs. Taxis, in the same area, lost 3. The total number of pickups was virtually unchanged: This shift was consistent throughout the core.

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Taxis lost pickups in every zone, and these gains and losses were almost perfectly one-to-one:. In Tribeca, too, Uber pickups rose by far more than taxi rides fell, resulting in an additional 51, total pickups. Every other part of the core saw a decrease or a much smaller increase in net pickups — including the neighborhoods that collectively make up the Manhattan central business district, which is all of the island south of 60th Street. There, Uber gained 3. Throughout Manhattan, riders have shifted from taxis to Ubers millions of times, perhaps attracted to features Uber promotes as advantages: newer cars, no need to hail, driver ratings and no tipping.

Those contributors, he said, include how many for-hire cars are on the road, how long their trips are, and how much they cruise between fares. These changes are dramatic — Brooklyn now has one Uber pickup for every two taxi pickups — but they obscure where the real battle is taking place.

Within Manhattan, taxis might be in trouble. Cars from those bases handled virtually all Uber rides in the city at that time, according to a TLC spokesman. There is a lag between when a base starts operating and when Uber is required to report its data, so our data set may be missing some Uber rides.

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Taxi zones are geographic areas defined by the city of New York that roughly correspond to neighborhoods. Free cancellation up to 2 hours before your ride, no questions asked.

When you take a shared ride to or from the airport, you'll lower the cost of travel and have the opportunity to make new friends on the way to your destination. These factors make shared rides our most popular shuttle option in Fort Lauderdale. When you book a shared ride through SuperShuttle, you'll share your airport shuttle with other travelers along your route.

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For trips to the airport, we'll assign a pickup time several hours before your flight to ensure you arrive with plenty of time. On the day of travel, we'll pick you up at your location within 15 minutes of your assigned time and drive you to your destination occasionally stopping to pick up other passengers or drop them off. Finally, we'll take you right to your airport terminal for your convenience.

Shared rides offer an economical and environmentally friendly way to travel making this option popular with small groups, budget travelers and people visiting Fort Lauderdale by themselves. Looking for an airport shuttle service that can get you where you're going quickly, with no stops along the way?

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Consider booking a Fort Lauderdale non-stop shuttle. With this option, you'll get a vehicle to yourself, allowing for faster travel and increased privacy. You can take a non-stop shuttle to FLL or into the city after arriving at the airport. When taking a shuttle to the airport, we'll schedule a minute pickup window during which your driver will arrive to help with your luggage and drive you to your terminal. When taking a shuttle into Fort Lauderdale from the airport, we'll assign a shuttle once your flight lands.

After you pick up your luggage and check in using your mobile device, we'll send directions to guide you to your vehicle. Our non-stop shuttles provide the ideal solution for families, large groups and anyone traveling with time constraints. Some travelers have unique requirements for their airport transportation. If you're searching for a service that combines the convenience of a non-stop shuttle with the professional appearance of a high-end vehicle, our black cars will meet your expectations.

When you choose one of our black cars through ExecuCar, you'll discover options to suit your needs. Choose between executive shared ride or executive non stop, which will offer you the luxury of a black sedan and professional driver. In addition to transportation to and from the airport, you can also arrange to take a black car around town, making this option ideal for business travelers, couples and people visiting for once-in-a-lifetime events. Known for its unique beaches, canals, restaurants and nightlife, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular destinations in Florida, hosting millions of international and domestic travelers every year.

If you're planning a vacation in this coastal city, you have lots to look forward to.

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Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, start your trip right by booking transportation to and from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport FLL ahead of time through SuperShuttle. We offer flexible FLL airport shuttle options to suit every travel style. Fare estimates are general averages and are not reflective of real-time fares. Fares above are subject to change.

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To get an accurate quote, you must enter your exact pickup and dropoff address in the fields at the top of this page. When planning a vacation, you want to find a Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle service that makes travel convenient. At SuperShuttle, our drivers provide excellent service to help make your vacation stress-free.

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